In the winter ice of Belgrade a group of musicians came together and together found a way to make a small bridge between the song forms of Serbia and the textures of the saxophones. The warmest place to be found for rehearsals were the little “Kafanas” in which the smoke often hung heavily over the epic lyrics of the songs. As brandy and coffee flowed, slowly the soul of these songs and the places they sprung from gradually revealed themselves.

Marko Krajlevic rises early
He rises early to hunt
Yet he hasn’t caught what he needs
Instead he catches a six-winged snake
And the snake has wrapped itself around his neck
Marko cries out so God may hear him
The fairy on the mountain has heard him
And the fairy speaks
“Snake, leave my brother alone
Come and wrap yourself around my neck
I will carry you to the green garden
I will put you under the red rose
I will feed you honey and sugar”